Magic Flex

Absolutely Made in Italy

Benefit of flexible hoses Magic Flex


flessibili senza limiti di piegatura Our Flexible hoses:

NO limits of bending.


lunga durata del flessibile Our Flexible hoses:

Long Life,
NO Break,


sicurezza del flessibile dopo rottura No alteration,
guaranteed safety.

reparable in-house.

Flex Roby with wavy mesh

flex Flexible hose for shower, unique on the market for the novelty, the design, the used materials.

Made of AISI 302 stainless steel wire with 1 mm Ø, electro polished and hand worked to get that particular wave effect. 1 meter of flexible hose = 52 linear meters of steel wire.

Product protected by patent.

Mesh is not extensible.
Chrome-plated brass terminals.

Processed mash with wave effect.

  • Monofilament mesh
  • Smooth cap
  • Smooth cone
Code Length
020011 13 mm 120 cm
020012 13 mm 150 cm
020013 13 mm 175 cm
020014 13 mm 200 cm
flex flex
  • Monofilament mesh
  • Smooth cap
  • Anti-twist smooth cone
Code Length
020016 13 mm 120 cm
020017 13 mm 150 cm
020018 13 mm 175 cm
020019 13 mm 200 cm
flex flex